Gallery & Testimonials


"I've been looking for a groomer for my older yorkie and I can say Melissa has been a life saver. Before, my dog was turned away at other major salons, but Melissa was able to groom him all the way through. We are glad to have found her out here!"

Rick Mann, Clarkston, GA

"I trust Melissa to always do what's best for my dogs. She once found a tumor in my dogs mouth, and I was able to take my furbaby to the vet and get it removed before it caused real issues. I'm lucky to have a groomer that is in tune with my babies."

Whitney Hersey, Tucker, GA

"When I first bought my goldendoodle to Melissa I didn't realize how much I didn't know about taking care of my own dog! But she didn't judge or shame me. Instead she educated me on how to take care of my dog's fur at home. Thank you so much!!!"

Jasmine Kutz, Decatur, GA